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AGronomic IQ

Air handling units for grow rooms

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Bosch residential HVAC manufacturer logo.

Bosch residential

Water-to-air heat pumps, water-to-water heat pumps, split systems.

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Cain Industries

Exhaust Heat Recovery

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Cancoil HVAC manufacturer logo.


Dry coolers, hydronic coils

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Logo Cemline


Electric boilers, water heaters, storage tanks

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Centrotherm HVAC manufacturer logo.


Polypropylene chimneys

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ClimaCool HVAC manufacturer logo.


Water-cooled modular chillers, packaged air-cooled modular chillers

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Combustion Research Corp

Glycol feed tank, boiler feed pumps, condensate return pumps, vacuum pumps

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Compu-Aire HVAC manufacturer logo.


Air handling units for server rooms

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Dunham-Bush HVAC manufacturer logo.


Water-cooled chillers, air-cooled chillers

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DuraVent HVAC manufacturer logo.


Stainless steel chimneys

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Enervex HVAC manufacturer logo.


Fans & ventilators for flue gas extraction / kitchen hood / dryers, isolation dampers and draft controls, economizers & heat exchangers

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FHP HVAC manufacturer logo.


Water source heat pumps water-to-air/water-to-water)

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Flex-Hose HVAC manufacturer logo.


Rubber connectors & expansion joints, flexible hoses

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Fulton HVAC manufacturer logo.


Condensing boilers, electric boilers, steam boilers, thermal fluid heaters

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Logo de Intellihot


Tankless water heaters

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Packaged terminal air conditioners

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Heat recovery units with heat wheel or plate heat exchangers, semi-custom air handling units

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Lakos HVAC manufacturer logo.


Centrifugal water filtration systems, sand media water filtration systems

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LTG HVAC manufacturer logo.


Chilled beams, induction units, air diffusers

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Modine Hvac

Fluid coils, direct expansion coils, steam coils

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Logo Nexus

Nexus Valve

Manual balancing valves, automatic balancing valves, hydronic accessories

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Nimbus HVAC manufacturer logo.


Adiabatic fluid coolers

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Patterson-Kelley HVAC manufacturer logo.


Condensing boilers, non-condensing boilers, water heaters

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QuantumFlo HVAC manufacturer logo.


Domestic water booster systems

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Rehau HVAC manufacturer logo.


Radiant heating systems, snow & ice melting

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Samsung HVAC manufacturer logo.


Air source heat pumps with variable refrigerant flow (VRF), water source heat pumps with variable refrigerant flow (VRF), split system units

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Schmid Energy HVAC manufacturer logo.

Schmid Energy

Biomass boilers

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Glycol feed tank, boiler feed pumps, condensate return pumps, vacuum pumps

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Smardt HVAC manufacturer logo.


Water-cooled oil-free magnetic bearing chillers, air-cooled oil-free magnetic bearing chillers

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Sofame Technologies Inc.

Direct contact water heaters
Direct contact stack condensing economizers

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Taco Comfort Solutions

Pumps, domestic water booster systems, plate & frame heat exchangers, shell & tubes heat exchangers, expansion tanks, buffer tanks, air separators

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Taco residential

Circulators, controls & hydronic accessories

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Tempeff HVAC manufacturer logo.


Dual core technology heat recovery units with, custom air handling units

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Whalen Company HVAC manufacturer logo.

The Whalen Company

Vertical fan coil units & heat pumps units (vertical stack), horizontal fan coil units & heat pumps units, air handlers

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Transom Corporation, a Mestek Company

Air source heat pumps for comfort heating and domestic hot water heating.

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Unilux HVAC manufacturer logo.


Watertubes water/steam boilers

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Vexo HVAC manufacturer logo.


Magnetic water filtration systems, water treatment systems

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Webster Combustion HVAC manufacturer logo.

Webster Combustion

Boiler burners

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