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Water-to-water / water-to-air heat pumps

Bosch (Florida Heat Pump) offers affordable, energy-efficient solutions for commercial and industrial applications. Their software allows you to easily select the best water-to-water or water-to-air heat pumps for your needs.

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Centrifugal filtration system for cooling towers

Because cooling towers are excellent “air washers,” installing a complete filtration system is a common and recommended practice that can help limit the amount of airborne particles and organic matter circulating in the water supply. Lakos Filtration Solutions has software you can use to size and select the right filtration system for your different projects.


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Modine’s coil selection software allows you to optimize products from their commercial and industrial divisions. Whether you use their water, refrigerant, steam coils, or replacement coils, this software allows you to test different models in accordance with your specific conditions.

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Booster pump system

Use QuantumFlo software to create a comprehensive design for your next domestic water booster pump project! The easy to follow steps allow you to accurately size your system in accordance with the latest Ashrae/ASPE codes.

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Magnetic bearing chillers

Smardt offers an array of high-end oil-free bearing chillers. Their software allows you to optimize your design and view how well your water, air, and evaporative chillers are performing. Their software allows you to optimize your design and view how well your water, air, and evaporative chillers are performing.

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Cooling towers

SPX offers a full range of high-quality cooling towers to meet all your heat rejection needs. You can use their selection software to design your systems and choose among a wide range of models and options.

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Pumps, exchangers, and hydronic equipment

If you’re in the market for new hydronic equipment, Taco Comfort Solutions has a number of software solutions with varying levels of performance and different designs that will allow you to see examples according to the conditions of your systems. Several models of pumps, heat exchangers, tanks, and separators can easily be selected for quick and efficient design.

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Dual core energy recovery units

Tempeff products feature DualCore® regenerative technology that offers up to 95% sensible and 70% latent heat recovery in winter. Their selection software makes it possible to evaluate the efficiency of their systems depending on your needs and desired conditions.

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